JUNE 22, 2018

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


During the coming weeks we'll be introducing you to the stars of the Conference, bright shiny experts who will take you on a learning journey like you've never had before.

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Presenter Announcement! Alison Knott

May 25, 2018

Alison Knott of Eraserheader Design is an international creative tech speaker passionate about the intersection of web, creativity and business. Alison is about to level up your design thinking with concepts that will take your social media graphics from “meh” to “holy-hell-I-want-to-click-that”. She’ll cover the secrets of C.R.A.P (seriously, that acronym is real), how to push … Read more

Presenter Announcement! Suzi Fevens

May 11, 2018
Suzi Fevens

Suzi Fevens, the fitness instructor and blogger behind “Confessions of a Fitness Instructor” has created a community of engaged followers on Instagram by focusing on relationship building over follower count. Think you need tens of thousands of followers to make an impact on Instagram? Think again. Wondering how to build a community on Instagram? Find … Read more

Presenters Announcement! Adam Purcell and Patty Howard

May 10, 2018

Chit Chat Chop is a weekly Facebook Live show by KitchenDoor.ca. It started with an idea and a cell phone. Now Chit Chat Chop has surpassed its 40th episode and garners between 3,000 and 10,000 views per show. How did we get here? Patty and Adam will tell you the story, while also sharing some … Read more

Presenter Announcement! Sandra Pike

May 7, 2018
Social Media Day Halifax - #SMDH18 - Social Media Success: I Did It and You Can Too with Sandra Pike

Are you looking to up your online presence but don’t know where to start? Join REALTOR® Sandra Pike at Social Media Day Halifax to see how she built her business digitally without any costs. And how you can do it, too! With the help of social media, Sandra fine-tuned her marketing and, with her robust … Read more

Panel Announcement: Podcasting

May 6, 2018
Social Media Day Halifax 2018 - Podcasting Panel

One of the current trends in content marketing is the resurgence of podcasting. Whether you sit in your car and record on your phone or go whole hog with a full digital media studio, everyone can create a podcast. Join our panellists to learn why they podcast, what makes their podcast work, which mistakes they … Read more

Presenter Announcement! Arthur Gaudreau

April 28, 2018
#SMDH18 Twitter Session with Arthur Gaudreau @HalifaxRetales

Arthur Gaudreau of Halifax Retales has spent a lot of time engaging and observing and interacting with local business, especially in the retail and restaurant sectors on Twitter. He will share his tips on what seems to work, what does not seem to work, and what he has done to build a large community. It is … Read more

Presenter Announcement! Kathy Colaiacovo

April 21, 2018
SMDH18 Blogging Session with Kathy Colaiacovo

If you think you can’t write a blog, you’re wrong! Marketing strategist Kathy Colaiacovo will share her insider tricks to blog formatting and how to incorporate key marketing tactics authentically into your content so more people find your blog, read your blog, and take action from your blog. Kathy has been helping clients all over the world … Read more

Presenter Announcement! Stacy Maynard

March 15, 2018
Stacy Maynard

More great news for everyone with a ticket to the conference! LinkedIn specialist Stacy Maynard is flying in from Toronto to show us how to leverage the power of LinkedIn and how to bring our brand into our profile. She’s passionate about helping businesses and corporations gain the digital advantage, especially when it comes to LinkedIn. … Read more

Presenter Announcement! Lisa Larter

February 28, 2018
Lisa Larter presenting at Social Media Day Halifax 2018 - blog feature image

We’re thrilled to announce Lisa Larter will be presenting a 90-minute workshop at Social Media Day Halifax 2018. This workshop is for everyone. Lisa’s programs are designed to help business owners connect with customers online so they can build relationships, increase traffic to their business, maximize sales opportunities and create more freedom in your life. … Read more

Keynote Speaker Announcement! Erin Trafford-Basquill

January 26, 2018
Social Media Day Halifax 2018 - Keynote Speaker - Erin Trafford-Basquill - Alignment Before Action: The Magic of Heart and Hustle in an Influencer Market

Yesterday, we failed at herding cats! (You’ll see what I mean in the video.) But we’re excited to announce award-winning blogger and media personality Erin Trafford-Basquill as our talented and dynamic keynote speaker at Social Media Day Halifax 2018. Erin is the creative instigator, influencer and DIY enthusiast behind DIY Passion and a co-host of In The Story House podcast. On the morning … Read more


 See the Conference Program for details on each session.

Alignment Before Action: The Magic of Heart and Hustle in an Influencer Market

Erin Trafford

for everyone - KEYNOTE

Supersize Your Business with Social Media Strategies

Lisa Larter

for everyone - 90 minutes

Blogging Basics for Business: Write and Format Posts to Boost Online Visibility

Kathy Colaiacovo

intermediate level - 90 minutes

Beyond the Boost Button: How Facebook Advertising Can Work For Your Business

Denise Alison

intermediate level - 90 minutes

Twitter Is A Lot Like Talking Over Coffee

Arthur Gaudreau

beginners - 45 minutes

Get Noticed: How to Bring Your Brand Into Your LinkedIn Profile

Stacy Maynard

for everyone - 45 minutes

Building and Branding in the Bot Era: 5 Ways Small Business Can Implement Chatbots

Anita Kirkbride

advanced level - 45 minutes

Social Media Success: I Did It and You Can, Too!

Sandra Pike

intermediate level - 45 minutes

Creating an Engaged Instagram Community

Suzi Fevens

beginners - 45 minutes

Telling Better Brand Stories on Social Media

Allan Gates

intermediate level - 45 minutes

Designed to Be Clicked: Must-Know Design Principles for Social Media Marketers

Alison Knott

beginners - 45 minutes

Building A Funnel That Converts

Shaun Whynacht

advanced level - 45 minutes

A Legal Primer for Social Media - #HowToNotGetSued

Dianna Rievaj

for everyone - 45 minutes

Chit Chat Chop - A "Live" Story

Adam Purcell and Patty Howard

intermediate level - 45 minutes

Panel Discussion: Podcasting

Stacy Maynard, Mike Tanner, Duane Jones, Erin Trafford

advanced level - 45 minutes

Panel Discussion: Event Promotion

Maria McGowan, Menna Riley, Michelle McCann

for everyone - 45 minutes

Conference Location:

Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre Halifax
190 Chain Lake Drive  B3S 1C5