Kayla Short

Up Your InstaStory Game ~ Kayla Short

By Linda Daley * April 17, 2019

Let’s conquer your fears so you can get started on sharing the most consumed content online RIGHT NOW! Have you ever recorded an Instagram story and deleted it? Do you … Read more

Katelyn Bourgoin

Get Started with Audience Research… in 10 Minutes A Day ~ Katelyn Bourgoin

By Linda Daley * April 5, 2019

Are you ready for an uncomfortable truth? If you’re not targeting the right customers with the right messages, investing more time and money in marketing may not work. Studies show … Read more

Stacy Maynard

LinkedIn: Be the Brand, Get the Leads ~ Stacy Maynard

By Linda Daley * March 28, 2019

Just like any business, your objective is to sell your products and/or services for a profit, right? LinkedIn is a platform built for professionals and personal brands and is a … Read more

Denise Alison

Let’s Get Visible: Get More Leads, Engagement, and Sales with Live Video ~ Denise Alison

By Linda Daley * March 21, 2019

We all know how powerful live video can be. But live video is a tool, not a solution. Now that you have the tool, you need to know how to … Read more

Michelle McCann

Small Business BFFs: How to Practice Good Customer Service Online ~ Michelle McCann

By Linda Daley * March 14, 2019

Many small businesses don’t realize social media is an extension of their customer service. This session will discuss the importance of old fashioned customer service applied to social media … … Read more

Alison Knott

Google Analytics: The Social Media Tool Everyone Avoids ~ Alison Knott

By Linda Daley * March 7, 2019

You’re finally getting the hang of this whole “social media thing”. You’re posting regularly, maybe even growing a following. So all this work is translating into ROI, right? Right? Bueller? Since … Read more

Mike Tanner

Beyond The Mic: The Real Work of Podcasting ~ Mike Tanner

By Linda Daley * February 28, 2019

Most of the work of a podcast doesn’t happen on air. It’s production. It’s planning. It’s promotion. This presentation will focus on the less glamorous planning and promotion that turns a … Read more

Rodney Habib

Rodney Habib: Storyteller and Social Media Day Halifax 2019 Keynote

By Anita Kirkbride * January 7, 2019

Rodney Habib is proof that social media can change your life. Once the host of the number one pet-based radio show in Canada, Rodney ebbed and flowed with the changing … Read more