CoWork Halifax

Sponsor Spotlight: CoWork Halifax

We're so excited to introduce you to Halifax's newest co-working and collaborative office space: CoWork Halifax! Conveniently located on Quinpool Road, they offer everything the very small business could want, ...
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5 Tips to Get Ready for Social Media Day Halifax

If you're as excited about June 9th as we are, here are some tips to get you started. 1. Download the app & create your profile. Here's a link to ...
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Imposter Sisters

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome on Social Media with the Imposter Sisters

This session is designed to help you overcome imposter syndrome, a feeling of self-doubt and inadequacy that can hinder your ability to create authentic content on social media. By addressing ...
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Caroline Kovesi

Social Media Accessibility 101: Making Sure Your Content Reaches Everyone with Caroline Kovesi

Who gets to be social on social media? And why does that matter? 22% of people in Canada live with disabilities. Social media accessibility is not only important as an ...
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Caley Dimmock

How to Leverage Facebook and Instagram Ads for Small Business Growth with Caley Dimmock

Believe it or not, Facebook and Instagram ads are still working in 2023 and continue to amplify organic success and skyrocket growth for many businesses... when done well. Ads can ...
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Ingrid Deon

Tips for Increasing Engagement on Your Social Media Posts with Ingrid Deon

Social media isn't just about posting consistently about your company, it's about making meaningful connections and sparking conversations with your customers. You could cross your fingers and hope that people ...
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Bruno Vilchis

Your Brand: How to Make Branded GIFs for Beginners with Bruno Vilchis

Want to differentiate your social media content while increasing your brand recognition? It is easy to be overwhelmed by the overcrowded social media world. Learning new skills can be very ...
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Rhys Waters

Podcasting as a Content Engine with Rhys Waters

Social Media teams shouldn't fear the podcast wave, they should ride it! Marketers were already working hard, keeping up with emerging platforms and constant algorithm tweaks. And then podcasts blew ...
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Derrek Ord

Understanding the Power of Video: Making Valuable Connections at Scale with Derrek Ord

Learn how to communicate and express value through your videos more effectively. You will also gain insights into how storytelling can elicit emotional responses from your audience and how persuasive ...
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Kathy Colaiacovo

Save Time (and Your Sanity) with a Consistent Content Plan with Kathy Colaiacovo

Discover how a Consistent Content Plan helps you create LESS marketing content that does MORE for your business! Kathy will help you uplevel your social media content strategy with a ...
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Meaghan Blanchard

From Stage to Social: 10 Storytelling Tips to Unlock Your Creative Genius with Meaghan Blanchard

Small business owners are now expected to show up in their reels and stories but the thought of getting on-camera every day is... yikes! Through her 20 years spent as ...
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Braden Newell

Securing Your Socials: How Cybersecurity Protects Your Brand’s Reputation with Braden Newell

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, your organization's online presence is more crucial than ever. Social media is leveraged to connect, share, and build trust with customers and users. However, ...
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Alison Knott

Get Outta Your Own Butt: Easy Audience Research For Awesome Content with Alison Knott

The list seems endless in terms of what you have to put online to get the attention of your ideal audience. Butt... what the hell should you actually spend time ...
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Krista Smith

How to Level Up Your Marketing Using Chat GPT with Krista Smith

As a small business owner, it's important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing. With the rise of language generators like Chat GPT, you may be ...
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Shelly Elsliger

Stop Spinning and Start Winning on LinkedIn with Shelly Elsliger

For businesses, the largest social network for professionals, LinkedIn, can be an effective way to find new clients, network with other professionals in your field, learn more about what other ...
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Emma Pace

CTAs 101: How to Craft Calls-to-Action that Work with Emma Pace

Are you struggling to fill appointments, increase sales, grow your community, or boost sign-ups via your social media efforts? It could be because you aren't telling your audience what you ...
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Will Yang

Community Partnerships & Inclusive Marketing with Will Yang

Are you looking for clients and customers who share your values? Learn how to collaborate with businesses and community organizations on projects that achieve mutual goals, like diversity and inclusion. ...
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Musemo Handahu

Keynote Speaker: Musemo Handahu

Musemo (Mo) Handahu is a multi-faceted creative with an eye for the cool and buzz-worthy. She creates content for brands looking to grow their digital influence and those expanding to ...
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What to Bring to the Conference: Checklist!

Do you know what to bring to the conference? That morning is going to be a change from your regular routine. It’ll be early and you’re a busy person, so ...
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13 Ways to Get Social Media Content from a Conference

We all need to engage in professional development from time to time. Being with social media peers always has a refreshing, invigorating and inspirational effect. There are many ways to ...
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10 Reasons to Attend Social Media Day Halifax

1. Take advantage of a unique once-a-year social media training opportunity. Every entrepreneur, beginners and sophisticated marketers alike, can benefit from better social media marketing skills. How often do you ...
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Who is Social Media Day Halifax For Anyway?

Have you been thinking things like...? "It looks like this conference is a bunch of social media experts and agencies getting together to talk about things I won't understand. Why ...
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My Experience at Social Media Day Halifax

In this video, I talk about my experience at Social Media Day Halifax. This event took place on Friday, June 21st, and was its second annual event, and my second ...
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The Social Media Day Halifax Conference was Different!

You have been there. You find out about a conference, research the speakers and topics, and buy your ticket. Great. You are all set. Then you go further and learn ...
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Social Media Day Learning Nuggets

I was eager to attend the very first Social Media Day here in Halifax and it did not disappoint! This was a day set aside for my own professional development. ...
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