The Social Media Day Halifax Conference was Different!

By Stacy Maynard * December 10, 2018 * 0 Comments

You have been there. You find out about a conference, research the speakers and topics, and buy your ticket. Great. You are all set. Then you go further and learn about how to make connections at a conference. You follow the conference hashtag and connect … Read more

Social Media Day Learning Nuggets

By Sandra Currie-Samson * June 26, 2018 * 0 Comments

I was eager to attend the very first Social Media Day here in Halifax and it did not disappoint! This was a day set aside for my own professional development. I was content to be on the audience side of things – which isn’t always … Read more


How To Live-Tweet From Social Media Day Halifax

By Anita Kirkbride * June 15, 2018 * 0 Comments

If you’re going to live-tweet from the Social Media Day Halifax 2018 Conference (and of course you are!), you’ll want to add #SMDH18 to the end of each tweet or place it within the tweet. This allows us, the Conference organizers, to track conversations and see … Read more

13 Ways to Get Social Media Content from a Conference

13 Ways to Get Social Media Content from a Conference

By Linda Daley * May 15, 2018 * 0 Comments

We all need to engage in professional development from time to time. Being with social media peers always has a refreshing, invigorating and inspirational effect. There is a plethora of ways to turn a conference into great social media content. 1. Write a Top 10 … Read more

Social Media Day Halifax - 10 reasons you should go: Reason #1

10 Reasons to Attend Social Media Day Halifax

By Tina Capalbo * April 4, 2018 * 0 Comments

1. Take advantage of a unique once-a-year social media training opportunity. Every entrepreneur I know, beginners and sophisticated marketers alike, can benefit from better social media marketing skills. How often do you get to devote an entire day to your own social media marketing training? … Read more