Rodney Habib - Keynote Speaker at Social Media Day Halifax 2019

Rodney Habib: Storyteller and Social Media Day Halifax 2019 Keynote

By Anita Kirkbride * January 7, 2019 * 0 Comments

Rodney Habib is proof that social media can change your life. Once the host of the number one pet-based radio show in Canada, Rodney ebbed and flowed with the changing times by using his passion for telling stories to build awareness about pet health on … Read more

The Social Media Day Halifax Conference was Different!

By Stacy Maynard * December 10, 2018 * 0 Comments

You have been there. You find out about a conference, research the speakers and topics, and buy your ticket. Great. You are all set. Then you go further and learn about how to make connections at a conference. You follow the conference hashtag and connect … Read more

Social Media Day Learning Nuggets

By Sandra Currie-Samson * June 26, 2018 * 0 Comments

I was eager to attend the very first Social Media Day here in Halifax and it did not disappoint! This was a day set aside for my own professional development. I was content to be on the audience side of things – which isn’t always … Read more

6 Lessons Learned from Prepping for Social Media Day Halifax 2018

By Linda Daley * June 23, 2018 * 0 Comments

If you attended Social Media Day Halifax 2018 on Friday, I sure hope you enjoyed yourself and learned lots. I know I did! And not all my learning was from the presenters and sessions. Here are a few examples from the event organizing side of … Read more

A Social Media Success Story: Souls Harbour Rescue Mission

By Anita Kirkbride * June 20, 2018 * 0 Comments

Imagine living in Halifax and not having enough to eat. Or going to sleep at night with your belly rumbling, and wondering if you even care to wake up to live another day. For our neighbours in need, Souls Harbour Rescue Mission is a true … Read more


How To Live-Tweet From Social Media Day Halifax

By Anita Kirkbride * June 15, 2018 * 0 Comments

If you’re going to live-tweet from the Social Media Day Halifax 2018 Conference (and of course you are!), you’ll want to add #SMDH18 to the end of each tweet or place it within the tweet. This allows us, the Conference organizers, to track conversations and see … Read more

13 Ways to Get Social Media Content from a Conference

13 Ways to Get Social Media Content from a Conference

By Linda Daley * May 15, 2018 * 0 Comments

We all need to engage in professional development from time to time. Being with social media peers always has a refreshing, invigorating and inspirational effect. There is a plethora of ways to turn a conference into great social media content. 1. Write a Top 10 … Read more

Social Media Day Halifax - 10 reasons you should go: Reason #1

10 Reasons to Attend Social Media Day Halifax

By Tina Capalbo * April 4, 2018 * 0 Comments

1. Take advantage of a unique once-a-year social media training opportunity. Every entrepreneur I know, beginners and sophisticated marketers alike, can benefit from better social media marketing skills. How often do you get to devote an entire day to your own social media marketing training? … Read more

Social Media Day Halifax 2018 - Keynote Speaker - Erin Trafford-Basquill - Alignment Before Action: The Magic of Heart and Hustle in an Influencer Market

Keynote Speaker Announcement 2018! Erin Trafford-Basquill

By Tina Capalbo * January 26, 2018 * 0 Comments

Yesterday, we failed at herding cats! (You’ll see what I mean in the video.) But we’re excited to announce award-winning blogger and media personality Erin Trafford-Basquill as our talented and dynamic keynote speaker at Social Media Day Halifax 2018. Erin is the creative instigator, influencer and DIY enthusiast behind DIY … Read more