Presenter Announcement! Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter presenting at Social Media Day Halifax 2018 - blog feature image

We’re thrilled to announce Lisa Larter will be presenting a 90-minute workshop at Social Media Day Halifax 2018. This workshop is for everyone.

Lisa’s programs are designed to help business owners connect with customers online so they can build relationships, increase traffic to their business, maximize sales opportunities and create more freedom in your life. We’re thrilled to have her join us on June 22nd.

Promo Code: first99 (limited supply)

Should I Go to Social Media Day Halifax?

Social Media Day Halifax blog - Is this Social Media Marketing Conference for you

Who is the Conference for?

If you fall into one (or more!) of the following categories, this one-day Social Media Marketing conference is being organized for you:

  • Small Business Owners, working in or near Halifax (or willing to visit) 
  • Entrepreneurs or Consultants, providing services B2B (Business to Business)
  • Retailers, selling products B2C (Business to Consumer) at brick and mortar locations or online
  • Agency, Communications, Administrative, or Virtual Assistants, who are responsible for social media marketing and ‘campaigns’
  • Solopreneurs, who do their own marketing
  • Work-at-home-Moms, Dads and anyone working from a home office, who needs to access some social media training

Which category (or categories) describes you best? We are designing this conference for you.

Is there a Social Media Day Halifax 2018 Discount Code?

There are 99 tickets available for $99, using the discount code: first99. But only while supplies last. After that our value-packed regular price of $149 comes into effect.

The more decisive you are the better the value. Most of the first99 tickets are already sold.

Keynote Speaker Announcement! Erin Trafford-Basquill

Social Media Day Halifax 2018 - Keynote Speaker - Erin Trafford-Basquill - Alignment Before Action: The Magic of Heart and Hustle in an Influencer Market

Yesterday, we failed at herding cats! (You’ll see what I mean in the video.) But we’re excited to announce award-winning blogger and media personality Erin Trafford-Basquill as our talented and dynamic keynote speaker at Social Media Day Halifax 2018.

Erin is the creative instigator, influencer and DIY enthusiast behind DIY Passion and a co-host of In The Story House podcast.

On the morning of the conference, you and I will be sipping coffees and settling into plush seats at Scotiabank Theatre Halifax. Erin will be sharing her amazing story, her heart, and her hustle! Erin will get you and me thinking differently about creating Alignment Before Action: The Magic of Heart and Hustle in an Influencer Market.

Erin’s background, experience and passions lead her to this point…

Promo Code: first99 (limited supply)

Share Your Expertise at Social Media Day Halifax

Share Your Expertise

Want to present at Social Media Day Halifax 2018?

We are seeking proposals for 45 minute presentations and 90 minute workshops. If you are an excellent communicator and have demonstrated social media marketing expertise, we look forward to hearing from you! Find details and submission form on the Be a Presenter page.

We’ve been getting lots of questions, especially “What topics are you looking for?” and “Can you give me examples?”

So… we brainstormed a list of possible topics. We’d like to receive great ideas we didn’t think of ourselves, so don’t let this list limit you. Here goes:

  • creating/implementing a content strategy
  • building a social media strategy
  • graphics-on-the-go
  • video production from your iPhone
  • Instagram posting tactics
  • ideas that make better IG and FB stories
  • user generated content
  • how to build a following
  • Facebook ads
  • livestreaming
  • measuring your success on social media
  • list building
  • blogging for a business
  • brand storytelling
  • dealing with crisis or cranky customers on social media
  • automation: pros and cons
  • using the right networks for your audience
  • using LinkedIn for prospecting
  • algorithms and how they work
  • podcasting
  • Google analytics
  • building a funnel to sell a digital product

Your target market awaits: entrepreneurs, business owners, virtual assistants, and professionals working in marketing roles for companies and organizations. Send us your best offer!


6 Things Everybody Asks About Social Media Day Halifax

Social Media Day Halifax blog - FAQ: 6 things everyone asks


How Did Social Media Day Halifax Come About?

The need for Social Media Day Halifax has been bubbling up for a few years. Halifax certainly has its share of conferences, but none of them speak directly to the need for professional development and learning opportunities in social media marketing for the small business community. Small businesses and marketers were attending other great local events, but were leaving feeling like they just weren’t getting EXACTLY what they needed.

Local social media marketers have been flying to conferences across the continent for years to develop their social media marketing chops. It’s time to bring that expertise gained from big conferences in major cities to small business owners and marketers in Halifax.

Finally, late last year, seeing this gap in the Halifax conference space, Anita, Tina and Linda stepped up to the plate to create the event Halifax’s small business community needs.

Who’s the Conference For?

The conference is really for anyone who’s struggling to keep up with the ever-changing nature of social media. It’s for solopreneurs and small business owners who are struggling to manage social media on their own. It’s for the marketing coordinators and managers who haven’t found the training and support they need to make better strategic decisions about social media. It’s for the freelance agencies who are telling their clients to get on board with social media, but feel they can’t assist further than a broad-strokes marketing strategy.

Social Media Day Halifax is for anyone who knows well enough to know what they don’t know when it comes to social media, and wants to learn more!

~ Anita Kirkbride, Conference Chair

Why Would Sponsors Want to Get Involved?

Sponsoring an event like this is an opportunity to actively support the small business community in Halifax, of course, but it’s more than that. Like us, our conference attendees are a group of professionals who are actively engaged on social media already.

Believe me when I tell you that the moment you step into a social media marketing conference, it’s like no other conference in the world. Attendees are online influencers and marketers. Between sessions and workshops, they take photos, shoot videos, shout out on Twitter, live stream on Facebook and Instagram, and actively engage online.

Before, during and after an event like this, sponsors have ample opportunity to connect actively with the conference and attendees online. And it’s our job to make the introductions and to help to facilitate those connections. We enthusiastically activate that kind of activity, exposure and value for our sponsors and attendees.

The marketing industry has changed. So when a sponsor recognizes the importance of that shift and decides to take a leadership role with us by supporting professional development in social media marketing, that decision pulls us in to your brand story. Your reasons for stepping into a leadership role are important to us. And we want to tell that story.

Anita mentioned that local social media marketers have been flying to conferences like Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and to others across the continent for their ongoing professional development. The simple fact is most local small businesses can’t access that level of social media training.

That’s where our leadership team and sponsors step in.

What Sponsorships and Benefits are Available?

Most sponsorships are still available, and they’re all listed here in detail.

~ Tina Capalbo, VP Marketing

What Kind of Presenters is the Conference Looking For?

This Conference is all about increasing marketing expertise on the east coast, so recruiting presenters who are both social media marketing topic experts AND excellent training facilitators is key to the success of the conference.

Ideally, we’re looking for social media professionals who are effective at encouraging, inspiring, training and motivating colleagues and peers in the local business and marketing community.

We’ll be asking our presenters to promote the event to their own contacts and on their social media feeds, walking the talk before the conference even starts.

Because we want all levels of social media marketers to find extraordinary value, we’ll be organizing programming streams, so beginners are as engaged as advanced marketers.

What Areas of Expertise and Topics Will the Conference Focus On?

The conference will focus on the topics most relevant to social media marketing in 2018. Those working in this industry know there’s a lot of ground to be covered, so we encourage presenters to focus on their area of greatest strength when they apply and to find out more about the application process here.

~ Linda Daley, VP Presenters

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