Conference Update – May 20, 2022

Just 3 weeks to conference day! Today Anita was joined by Allysa Martin from platinum sponsor HeyOrca! Listen here… Watch here… Tickets are available here.
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Conference Update – May 13, 2022

With just 4 weeks until we see you in person, it's time to unveil our session lineup! Tickets are available here. Listen here… Watch here…
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Alicia Mccarvell

Keynote Speaker: Alicia Mccarvell

When we were planning SMDH19, Alicia Mccarvell “the influencer” didn’t yet exist. What she has created in two and a half years is pretty amazing. That is why we asked ...
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How to Decide: DIY or Hire a Professional ~ Panel Discussion

It's a conundrum that every small business owner deals with on a regular basis – to do the work yourself or hire help. We don't get a rulebook for this ...
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The Future of Social Media ~ Panel Discussion

Just a couple of years ago, TikTok was the new kid on the block. Blockchain and cryptocurrency were still new concepts. New social platforms have started up for audio. Now ...
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Alyssa Martin & Joe Teo

HeyOrca Workshop: Learn about video editing for Instagram Reels & TikTok ~ Alyssa Martin & Joe Teo

One of the biggest social trends in 2022 is video! Adding videos to your content calendars can feel intimidating and time-consuming, but we're here to show you that it doesn't ...
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Nader Nadernejad

Reputation Management and Sentiment Analysis in Social Media ~ Nader Nadernejad

Do you know how people feel about your brand online? A social media sentiment analysis may be able to tell you. To find out whether you stand on the positive ...
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Amy Harrison

Stop the Scroll: Learn Graphic Design Concepts that Boost Engagement ~ Amy Harrison

Social media images need to grab the reader's attention. Learn how to use basic graphic design concepts to elevate your online profile and get more engagement. After this session, you'll ...
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Tash Jefferies

Social Media Metrics That Matter ~ Tash Jefferies

How to Use Data to Make Content that Converts - In this session, we will distinguish between vanity metrics and key performance indicator metrics that help you gain insights into ...
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Gabriela Piccott

3 Steps to Building a Loyal Online Community on LinkedIn ~ Gabriela Piccott

Gabriela leads the only LinkedIn Community in Halifax. She believes everyone can benefit from using LinkedIn. Join this session to get the rundown on her 3-step system to build a ...
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How to Create 6 Months of Content in a Day ~ Kerra Aucoin Mansfield

If you're feeling like creating content takes so much time out of your day, you're not alone. However, with the proper tools, it can be easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Instead ...
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Hindsight is 2020: How heart and strategy fuelled a new wave of home grown content ~ Sylvia Beirnes

Canadian Content Studios has worked on countless projects during the pandemic that have taken a wide range of topics and turned them into meaningful and successful social media and digital ...
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Alix Robinson

How to Lead with Value: The Art of the Social Soft Sell ~ Alix Robinson

Join this session to learn about creating social media content (and overall branding) that adds value, aligns authentically and yields results. Walk away from this session knowing... What does adding ...
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Corinne Boudreau

5 Legal Things to Do Before You Post on Social Media ~ Corinne Boudreau

Come and learn some of the legal basics as they apply to social media and selling products and services online. After this session, you'll understand more about how copyright laws ...
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Conference Update – April 29, 2022

Seven weeks to go to see you all in person at #SMDH22. This week: New sponsors added First few session topics announced Something you want to know? Join us live ...
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How to Create Engaging TikTok Content ~ Cailin O’Neil

Learn the basics of creating engaging TikTok content that will help you get more views and followers. You'll learn that it's no longer just an app for lip-syncing and dancing ...
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Facebook Lead Ads: Capture and Convert More Clients! ~ Krystal Hobbs

Not getting any direct results from your Facebook Ads? If you want to generate a consistent flow of qualified leads—without having to learn landing page software or redesign your website—this ...
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Conference Update – April 22, 2022

#SMDH22 is eight weeks away and we're starting to announce speakers now! This week: Things you need to bring to Social Media Day Halifax Call for Volunteers Topic suggestions and ...
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group from conference

What to Bring to the Conference: Checklist!

Do you know what to bring to the conference? That morning is going to be a change from your regular routine. It’ll be early and you’re a busy person, so ...
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DIY Photo Tips to Level Up your Brand Visibility ~ Allison Smith

Get away from stock photos! Showcase your own products and services on social media by creating photo galleries through DIY flat-lay photography with a live demo. Plus, how to take ...
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Reel Talk ~ Kayla Short

If you really want to grow on Instagram right now, the bottom line is you need to be making reels! We gained access to Instagram Reels back in August 2020... ...
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Conference Update – April 15, 2022

#SMDH22 is nine weeks away and we're starting to look at the presentation proposals now. This week: The things you need to bring to Social Media Day Halifax Call for ...
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Conference Update – April 8, 2022

Can you believe #SMDH22 is only 10 weeks away? Starting this today, we're reviving our weekly lives to keep you up-to-date on what's going on at SMDH this year. We'll ...
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10 Reasons to Attend Social Media Day Halifax

1. Take advantage of a unique once-a-year social media training opportunity. Every entrepreneur, beginners and sophisticated marketers alike, can benefit from better social media marketing skills. How often do you ...
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Who is Social Media Day Halifax For Anyway?

Have you been thinking things like...? "It looks like this conference is a bunch of social media experts and agencies getting together to talk about things I won't understand. Why ...
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My Experience at Social Media Day Halifax

In this video, I talk about my experience at Social Media Day Halifax. This event took place on Friday, June 21st, and was its second annual event, and my second ...
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13 Ways to Get Social Media Content from a Conference

We all need to engage in professional development from time to time. Being with social media peers always has a refreshing, invigorating and inspirational effect. There are many ways to ...
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The Social Media Day Halifax Conference was Different!

You have been there. You find out about a conference, research the speakers and topics, and buy your ticket. Great. You are all set. Then you go further and learn ...
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Social Media Day Learning Nuggets

I was eager to attend the very first Social Media Day here in Halifax and it did not disappoint! This was a day set aside for my own professional development. ...
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