JUNE 22, 2018

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Twirp Communications Inc, Daley Progress Inc and Lift Communication have created this one-day conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia to mentor small business owners, local entrepreneurs, and professionals working in social media roles at companies and organizations.

Conference organizers are professional social media consultants and content strategists who are keyed up to engage actively with event sponsors and presenters online before the event and during the conference!

Shine Brighter!
Anita Kirkbride - Twirp Communications

Anita Kirkbride
Chair, Social Media Day Halifax
Twirp Communications Inc.

Twirp Communications Inc. is Halifax's leader in social media training and consulting. Head Twirp, Anita Kirkbride trains dozens of entrepreneurs each year to manage their own social media marketing through Workplace Education workshops, individualized training plans, and her free, educational blog and ecourses.

Linda Daley

Linda Daley
VP Logistics, Social Media Day Halifax
Daley Progress Inc.

Linda Daley helps business owners and independent professionals turn their online marketing strategies into practical results, connecting the dots between planning and doing. She's an avid small business blogger with 500+ posts, and her blog - Work Better, Not Harder - has been touted by Search Engine Journal as one of the "Best Marketing Blogs of Canada".

Tina C

Tina Capalbo
VP Marketing, Social Media Day Halifax
Lift Communication

Tina Capalbo @LiftComms helps businesses create and implement a meaningful social media marketing strategy by aligning social media activity with community values, business goals, and brand storytelling. Tina participates in ongoing professional development as a Founding Member of Social Media Examiner's Social Media Marketing Society.