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13 Ways to Get Social Media Content from a Conference

We all need to engage in professional development from time to time. Being with social media peers always has a refreshing, invigorating and inspirational effect. There are many ways to turn a conference into great social media content.

1. Write a Top 10 list of things you learned.

2. Do a recap of each session you attended.

3. Create graphic versions of the best quotes from the event and publish them on your networks.

4. Keep a list of blog ideas during the conference… and write them later.

5. Turn some of these articles into slideshares and post them on LinkedIn.

6. Capture and share the data, the important statistics and trends impacting your industry and customers.

7. Do a complete conference recap with photos of the event, graphics, links to your favourites, and so on.

8. Write a post about all the new tools and resources you learned.

9. Create one wrap-up blog post that lists all of your posts to do with the conference.

10. Take photos and share them on your social networks.

11. Interview presenters and attendees. Prepare a series of questions in advance.

12. Do market research. Ask everyone you meet the same one question.

13. Curate the best content from the conference on social.

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