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What to Bring to the Conference: Checklist!

Do you know what to bring to the conference? That morning is going to be a change from your regular routine. It’ll be early and you’re a busy person, so we want to help. This checklist will help you get prepped in advance and out the door quickly on the big day.

The first thing you might be wondering is WILL THERE BE COFFEE? Yes! We’ll have coffee and tea waiting for you first thing in the morning this year. There will be handy refill stations if you bring your own travel cup.

What You MUST Bring!

  • Your ticket! 2 options: be prepared to display your ticket on your phone (link in ticket email you received after purchase) OR print your ticket and bring it with you. Your ticket contains a QR code which we’ll use to scan you quickly through the door.

Here are some of the other things you might want or need to bring.

What You Need to Feel Good and Network with Ease

  • travel mug
  • breath mints
  • business cards
  • some good conference networking tips
  • lip balm
  • a light jacket or sweater (think: theatres and air conditioning)
  • a smile (and whatever else makes you feel great in photos)

What You Need to Capture the Day and Connect on Social Media

  • your smartphone – make sure it’s charged up the night before!
  • portable charger
  • selfie light / portable mic (if you use them)
  • selfie stick, monopod, tripod (if you use them) – a selfie stick will help you get photos without getting too close
  • post on Twitter, Instagram and your Facebook Page with the conference hashtag #SMDH24

What You Need to Make the Most of the Sessions and Workshops

  • a pen
  • your questions

What You DON’T NEED to Bring:

  • lunch – we’ll have a variety of boxed lunches to choose from

We’re excited to welcome you to Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre in Dartmouth Crossing. You’ll find us right at the box office waiting to check you in when you arrive.

You’ll be the hero of your own adventure, so expect to be digitized! There’ll be hundreds of smartphones in action, a lot of selfies snapping, some photo booth fun, loads of content capturing, and tweeting or Insta-posting with the hashtag #SMDH24.

Did we forget anything on your list? Are you excited? We are!

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