Lindsay Stockall

How to Drive your Operational Goals with Instagram with Lindsay Stockall

Take your Instagram strategy beyond just pretty visuals!

How do you define the success of your Instagram efforts? Are you tired of leaning on vanity metrics to showcase the ROI of your work? In this session, Lindsay is going to walk you through the exact strategies she uses within her agency to drive her clients’ operational goals.

Whether that is sales, leads or website traffic, when you apply these strategies, you will see results! Instagram is not just for sharing “pretty” content; it is an incredible tool within your marketing plan when used correctly and grounded in a strategic direction.

You will walk away from this session with ideas on how to create converting content (and we’re not just talking about reach) and how to leverage proven organic social selling strategies to drive your operational goals to show a positive ROI.


Meet Lindsay Stockall, Owner and Creative Director of Stockall & Company. With more than a decade of marketing experience, Lindsay knows what it takes to transform businesses through targeted performance marketing strategies. Inspired by the vibrancy of the entrepreneurial community in her hometown in Nova Scotia, she launched Stockall & Co. to deliver an approach that marries partnership, expertise and experience to deliver results.

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