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From Scratch to Screen: Starting Your YouTube Journey with Cattle Dogs & Co

In this session, you’ll learn what we’ve learned about starting and growing a YouTube channel as complete beginners. There is a lot of information out there about what you need to be successful on YouTube. What camera should you have? What video editing software should you use? Do you need a fancy microphone? What is really important and what can you skip? We will go over the basics for you to get a channel up and running from zero to your first videos.

  • Who is YouTube right for?
  • How to start your channel
  • Picking your name
  • Basics of filming videos
  • Beginner video editing and what programs to use
  • How to get noticed on YouTube
  • How often to post
  • How can YouTube work for businesses


Kirstie Harrigan and Les Card are the people behind the social media for Cattle Dogs & Company. In 2015 Kirstie began sharing photos of their dogs on her Instagram account and eventually transitioned it to @cattledogsandco where it evolved to sharing their adventures and providing tips and tricks for travel with dogs. They decided to share more in-depth videos of their travels on YouTube. It started as a personal journal but they soon realized other people were interested in hiking and camping content from around Nova Scotia and the Maritimes. Recently they took a dive into learning the ins and outs of YouTube and have seen much more consistent growth.

Coming from careers not related to social media, video editing or photography, they had to learn it all from scratch. Les is an Advanced Care Paramedic and Kirstie is a Registered Veterinary Technician. Travel, hiking, camping and documenting it has been a great way to mitigate stress from demanding careers, as well as present unique challenges.

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