The Easiest Way to Use Instagram Ads and Automation to Deepen Relationships and Increase Conversions with Caley Dimmock

In this workshop-style presentation, you’re going to learn how to identify and leverage top-performing content you’re already posting by going beyond boosting and pairing the power of Meta’s Ads Manager with the automation of ManyChat.

Key Outcomes:

  • Engineer and identify content that is effective for organic and paid social.
  • The one audience you need to target in Ads Manager… that you can’t target by boosting.
  • How to deepen the relationship after the click to nurture for the future of your business.


Caley Dimmock is the force behind Dimik Creative Group, where marketing magic meets cutting-edge strategy. With a knack for all things digital, Caley has spent over a decade weaving her marketing wizardry to create and manage high ROI campaigns for clients across the globe. As a Marketing Strategist and Business Coach & Mentor, she not only drives results for her clients with done-for-you digital ads but also empowers established and aspiring entrepreneurs with the secrets of running their own effective digital ads so they can continue to build a business and life that they love.

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