Giles Crouch

Marketing in a Time of Significant Social Media Changes with Giles Crouch

Major sociocultural shifts are underway in how people engage and use social media platforms and channels, along with impending regulatory issues from privacy to data laws. Combined, these mean navigating the waters ahead will be challenging for marketers and business owners.

Those attending will come away with a big-picture understanding of how people are changing their social media habits and consumption, and how that will impact businesses and marketing practices. In addition, they’ll be better prepared to address upcoming changes to laws and regulations in Canada.


Giles Crouch is a digital anthropologist and head of marketing innovation. He’s been helping brands and organisations understand and navigate the digital landscape, including social media, for over a decade. Giles is the co-founder of the Ice Awards for advertising creative in Atlantic Canada. Prior to that, he held marketing leadership roles in private and public companies. He’s been a judge for the Canadian Marketing Awards and the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

He’s been featured in National geographic, WIRED and Forbes and is regularly interviewed by news media on culture and social media. Giles is a volunteer coach with The Forum for Canadian women entrepreneurs and with First Nations entrepreneurs.

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