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How to Get Comfortable (& Confident) on Camera with Krista Smith

In today’s digital landscape, the power of visual storytelling through social media is undeniable. Yet, many small business owners shy away from the camera, not due to a lack of ideas, but from a deep-seated hesitation about self-promotion and the intimidation of navigating complex editing apps. The essence of connecting with your audience lies not just in what you present but in how authentically you present yourself. This is where I come in.

For years, I navigated the murky waters of my own camera shyness, relying on impersonal quotes and graphics to communicate my brand’s message. Like many, the thought of facing the lens was a daunting challenge, compounded by the myth of needing to be “photogenic” to succeed. However, the moment of truth isn’t just in capturing an image or video but in breaking down the barriers we set for ourselves.

I discovered that confidence on camera isn’t inherent but cultivated. Through trial, error, and the realization that our clients wish to connect with the real us, I transformed my approach. The insights gained are not just personal victories but powerful tools I love sharing.

This workshop is more than a technical guide to mastering your smartphone’s camera; it’s a journey to self-assurance in the digital realm. I will be offering practical, accessible hacks to not only look great on camera but to resonate with your audience, fostering genuine connections that drive business growth.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants will explore the mindset shifts they need to make to see value in self-promotion.
  • With practical advice on using smartphones and simple apps for video and photo production, attendees will be able to produce higher-quality visual content that appeals to their audience.
  • Participants will walk away from the workshop with practical and uncomplicated tips to cultivate their confidence on camera through easy-to-use apps like Lightroom and CapCut.
  • Participants will learn how to create highly converting social media posts that drive action for their business.


Meet Krista Smith, the powerhouse behind Activate Her Awesome. For over 14 years, she’s been the go-to guru for women over 40, juggling business coaching, web design, and digital marketing. A former educator turned StoryBrand Certified Guide, her superpower lies in helping you kick those self-doubts to the curb, taking you from feeling overwhelmed to ease in minutes.

Krista is passionate about helping small business owners increase their productivity on social media. She helps her audience with the energy vampires that hijack their mojo {and their morning} when they get stuck in a cycle of overthinking and over-complicating what to share on their social feeds. Whether you’re struggling with what to say in your captions, wondering how to stop wasting hours creating content that gets you nowhere, or dream of passive income, Krista’s your gal. She’s a pro at creating momentum that skyrockets your revenue.

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