Shelly Elsliger

LinkedINfluence: LinkedIn Smarter, Faster, Better with Shelly Elsliger

LinkedIn hit 1 billion users in 2023. It is a powerful online networking tool but many professionals do not know how to position themselves, and their businesses, for success.

In this session, you will learn how to work with the mighty algorithm, get the support and backing you need, learn the art of social reciprocity, and build that online professional brand that you have always wanted so you are recognized as a trusted member in the LinkedIn community and remembered for all of the right reasons.


Step confidently into your LinkedIn journey! Shelly Elsliger is a trailblazer, celebrated as a Woman You Need to Know by the National Women’s Association, hailed as Woman of Inspiration 2019, featured on the cover of Authority 5.0 magazine’s LinkedIn Edition 2020, acknowledged as a Top Career Advisor on LinkedIn for HireDiverse 2023, and trusted speaker for LinkedIn Canada. As the Founder of Linked-Express and a globally recognized LinkedIn Trainer with over 35,000 followers, Shelly champions professional empowerment on LinkedIn. Renowned for her vibrant style and deep algorithm knowledge, she uses LinkedIn to uplift professionals by overcoming imposter syndrome and instead, learning how this global networking tool – of over 1 billion users – can help carve out your space, amplify your voice, build your brand, earn trust, and inspire and impact others. With her motto, “Don’t wait to be a Leader in your space: Lead-In, Listen-In, and Link-in,” Shelly emphasizes that there’s a place for everyone on LinkedIn and there is immense power in learning how to Link In to Win!

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