Sheena Russell

Keynote Speaker: Sheena Russell

Get ready to be inspired at the Social Media Day Halifax 2024 Conference on June 7th, because Sheena Russell, a true trailblazer in sustainable entrepreneurship, will be gracing the stage as our keynote speaker. Sheena’s journey from a farm kid in Prince Edward Island to the founder of Made with Local, a renowned Canadian snack foods brand, is nothing short of remarkable.

Sheena is a master of weaving sustainability and justice into her business, showcasing her commitment to making the world a better place. Under her leadership, Made with Local has blossomed from a modest farmer’s market stall in Halifax to a powerhouse brand found in over 3000 retailers across Canada. She’s not just a businesswoman; she’s a visionary, aiming to position Made with Local as one of the world’s most sustainable food companies.

Her approach goes beyond just making great snacks. Sheena is all about the triple-bottom-line, ensuring her brand positively impacts individuals, communities and the environment. And her passion doesn’t stop there. Sheena is a champion for women’s health and a strong advocate for positive change in Nova Scotia.

Mark your calendar and get ready to be motivated by Sheena’s incredible story and insights at Social Media Day Halifax.

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