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5 Tips to Get Ready for Social Media Day Halifax

If you’re as excited about June 9th as we are, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Download the app & create your profile.

Here’s a link to download the app. Set up a log-in and away you go. If you want to use the app for networking at the conference, be sure to click the blue Networking button and start connecting.

2. Set up your agenda on the app.

It’s easy-peasy. Visit Agenda and hit the heart buttons to add sessions to your personal schedule.

3. Connect with presenters and sponsors on your fave social media platforms.

In the app, check Speakers and Sponsors to find the links.

4. Follow #SMDH23…

… on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. Oh, and follow our conference profile on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook too.

5. Decide what is your “Burning Question”.

What is the one specific thing that you want to walk away knowing?

Bonus Tip: Plan your content strategy in advance.

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