Caroline Kovesi

Social Media Accessibility 101: Making Sure Your Content Reaches Everyone with Caroline Kovesi

Who gets to be social on social media? And why does that matter?

22% of people in Canada live with disabilities. Social media accessibility is not only important as an access right for disabled folks – it also makes good business sense! Learn how to make sure the content you share can be understood and appreciated by the largest possible audience.

By the end of this practical, open-level workshop, you’ll know:

  • How people interact with social media using assistive technology, and what happens when the content they encounter is inaccessible
  • The difference between alt text versus image descriptions, and how to write each
  • How to design (more) accessible visual content, including for people who have colour blindness
  • Best practices for using hashtags and emojis
  • …and how to start making your social media posts more accessible tomorrow!

Social media platforms are inherently inaccessible. The good news is that means any step you take to make your social media content more accessible is bound to be helpful – because it’s only up from here!


Caroline Kovesi works in accessibility awareness and education. She holds an MA in Critical Disability Studies from York University and a BA in Sociology from Mount Allison University. Caroline is passionate about making digital accessibility feel “doable” to all and runs independent workshops on disability and accessibility. In her spare time she enjoys reading, puzzling, following disabled creators on social media, and (re)watching Buffy.

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