Caley Dimmock

How to Leverage Facebook and Instagram Ads for Small Business Growth with Caley Dimmock

Believe it or not, Facebook and Instagram ads are still working in 2023 and continue to amplify organic success and skyrocket growth for many businesses… when done well. Ads can seem overwhelming when you’re already wearing a million hats… it’s hard to know where to start or where to improve! That’s why Caley is going to teach you some of the key considerations and strategies for using Facebook and Instagram ads this year for small businesses, including;

  • How to decide if you should outsource them or run them in-house
  • One of the easiest campaign types to get started with
  • Where you should be managing your ads
  • A type of ad creative that’s sure to resonate with your audience


Caley Dimmock is the force behind Dimik Creative Group, where marketing magic meets cutting-edge strategy. With a knack for all things digital, Caley has spent over a decade weaving her marketing wizardry to create and manage high ROI campaigns for clients across the globe. As a Marketing Strategist and Business Coach & Mentor, she not only drives results for her clients with done-for-you digital ads but also empowers established and aspiring entrepreneurs with the secrets of running their own effective digital ads so they can continue to build a business and life that they love.

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