Rhys Waters

Podcasting as a Content Engine with Rhys Waters

Social Media teams shouldn’t fear the podcast wave, they should ride it!

Marketers were already working hard, keeping up with emerging platforms and constant algorithm tweaks. And then podcasts blew up.

Podcasting has ascended to the level of a new mass medium. So businesses, organizations, governments and individuals are grappling with the potential investment of launching one. You may have already dipped your toe.

As a marketer, this medium may be new terrain and matching your established priorities with new podcast-focused ones can be tough. How does the long-form, in-depth content of podcasts complement the snappy short form of social?

Well, we have insights and stories that re-frame this boom as an opportunity. Rhys will outline the huge opportunity a podcast creates for adding value to your content calendar. Podcasts can complement and in fact, fuel your campaigns with engaging, authentic and emotional content. It is the perfect dose of realism in an age of rampant AI.

“Podcasting is at its best when it’s an authentic medium. If you can translate its raw honesty to other channels, it can lead to more meaningful engagement.”

~ Rhys Waters, Podstarter


Rhys Waters is a neurodiverse creative director, producer and strategist. His passion is to build communities around purposeful content. From attracting a cult following for ultra-niche creations to growing an audience of millions through traditional broadcast. He gets excited by diving into the creative challenge and making stuff that gets an emotional reaction. Podstarter has a global client base with brands like eBay and Charm Diamond Centres, with the content the teams produced reaching billions of minutes listened. Last year Africville Forever was selected as one of Amazon Music’s Best Shows of 2022.

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