Derrek Ord

Understanding the Power of Video: Making Valuable Connections at Scale with Derrek Ord

Learn how to communicate and express value through your videos more effectively. You will also gain insights into how storytelling can elicit emotional responses from your audience and how persuasive storytelling can motivate them to take a desired action. You will walk away levelled up, with the understanding of how to create videos that are compelling persuasion tools that can be used for sales, recruitment, and just about anything else your business requires.


Derrek Ord of Light Pillar Studios is a seasoned Video Production and Marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has a passion for storytelling, marketing and psychology, which has enabled him to create compelling videos that resonate with a broad spectrum of audiences. Derrek’s projects have been viewed by millions of people, and he has worked on many multi-million dollar projects. He possesses a unique understanding of the power of video in capturing and retaining an audience’s attention, and his expertise has been sought after by businesses across various industries. Derrek continues to be at the forefront of the video marketing industry, driving innovation and next-level connection through his work.

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