Braden Newell

Securing Your Socials: How Cybersecurity Protects Your Brand’s Reputation with Braden Newell

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, your organization’s online presence is more crucial than ever. Social media is leveraged to connect, share, and build trust with customers and users. However, the importance and responsibility of securing social media accounts are often forgotten. Perhaps you think it’s too challenging, expensive, or daunting. Others might downplay potential risks or say their organization is too small to be a target.

During this energetic presentation, we’ll explore the risks posed to organizations with insecure social media accounts… regardless of the organizations’ scope and size. We’ll shed light on the potential impact on reputation, financial accountability, and customer trust. Most importantly, we’ll share valuable tips and best practices to help you fortify your organization’s online presence in an easy, approachable, and cost-effective manner.


Braden Newell is an Apple technologist, cybersecurity consultant, and technology educator who believes that technology can improve every element of our lives. He has spent the last decade making technology easier to understand by creating and delivering engaging learning experiences. Braden is a talented facilitator and passionate public speaker and is thrilled to be coming to the Social Media Day Halifax stage with an all-new cybersecurity session.

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