Alison Knott

Get Outta Your Own Butt: Easy Audience Research For Awesome Content with Alison Knott

The list seems endless in terms of what you have to put online to get the attention of your ideal audience. Butt… what the hell should you actually spend time and creative energy on? Join Alison K, everyone’s favourite hyperactive marketer, as she shows you the magical world of *~Audience Research~*. Reverse-engineer what your customers and clients crave, and start creating social media content in a sustainable way. It’s time to stop throwing spaghetti at the walls, and instead:

  • Save creation time with research
  • Escape the “what the hell do I create next” trap
  • Explore free and low-cost ways to truly understand what your audience values
  • Uncover ways to collaborate with other brands to amplify your own audience growth


Alison K is an ethical marketing consultant that helps founders and small business owners convert the curious into clients. She’s an international speaker raising marketing literacy for small but mighty brands putting good into the world. Need a good laugh along with actionable tips? Buckle up; you’re in for a ride!

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