Krista Smith

How to Level Up Your Marketing Using Chat GPT with Krista Smith

As a small business owner, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing. With the rise of language generators like Chat GPT, you may be wondering how to best leverage this technology for your business.

This experiential workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to confidently use AI to improve your writing and your social media efforts.

We’ll explore the strengths and limitations of AI in marketing. We’ll talk about the ethical considerations and potential biases associated with its use. Additionally, we’ll :

  • Explore how you can use it to save time with content creation, and improve your captions, social posts and emails.
  • Learn how to integrate AI tools to improve automations and workflows.
  • Discover other ways you can use AI to improve your business beyond social media.
  • By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the confidence to know how to implement AI-driven marketing strategies successfully in your business.


Business coach, web designer, and StoryBrand Certified Guide Krista Smith is the CEO and founder of Activate Her Awesome based in Halifax, NS. For over 13 years she’s been supporting women over 40 who want to learn how to grow their businesses online. Technology can be overwhelming, especially if you didn’t grow up with a smart phone in your pocket or a computer in your classroom. As a former educator, Krista is known for her patience and ability to get you out of your own way, fast. Her zone of genius is grounded in simplifying the strategy, systems and software you need to expand your reach and increase your revenue.

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