Shelly Elsliger

Stop Spinning and Start Winning on LinkedIn with Shelly Elsliger

For businesses, the largest social network for professionals, LinkedIn, can be an effective way to find new clients, network with other professionals in your field, learn more about what other companies are doing, build your brand, and extend your reach. But many small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t know how to use LinkedIn effectively or see it as just another thing that takes up time without yielding results. This workshop will show you how to stop spinning and start winning on LinkedIn by taking a deeper dive and exploring ways LinkedIn can work for you and your business:

  • Build a LinkedIn Hub that works favourably with LinkedIn’s search algorithm
  • Develop content that earns you thought leadership and readership, and supports #socialreciprocity
  • Learn LinkedIn’s best practices and power hacks
  • Understand and apply top company page strategies


Shelly Elsliger is a globally-recognized LinkedIn trainer and President of Linked-Express. She is a trusted speaker for LinkedIn Canada, has over 40,000 LinkedIn followers, and has one goal: to help you go from simply being on LinkedIn to being Linked In!

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