Will Yang

Community Partnerships & Inclusive Marketing with Will Yang

Are you looking for clients and customers who share your values? Learn how to collaborate with businesses and community organizations on projects that achieve mutual goals, like diversity and inclusion.

In this entertaining presentation, Will shows us how Differo partnered with brands like King of Donair, Halifax Shopping Centre, and Good Robot Brewing to create festivals, a donair music video, and an Asian-inspired craft beer to promote diversity and inclusion in the community. Using engaging video and an Inclusive Marketing strategy, these campaigns reached audiences who have been underrepresented or ignored in traditional marketing.

“Community partnerships bring brands and values together under one big umbrella that makes the community a better place and attracts new customers and clients who share your vision.”

~ Will Yang, Differo Marketing


Will Yang is CEO of Differo Marketing and founder of the HALITUBE multi-media cultural hub that connects newcomers and international students to one another and to their new home of Nova Scotia. As an early adopter of Inclusive Marketing, he works with brands and community organizations to produce videos, podcasts, and events that tell the stories of underrepresented communities in Nova Scotia.

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