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The Future of Social Media ~ Panel Discussion

Just a couple of years ago, TikTok was the new kid on the block. Blockchain and cryptocurrency were still new concepts. New social platforms have started up for audio. Now we’re hearing about NFT’s and the Metaverse. How will social media marketing evolve over the coming years?

Panel Moderator:

Giles Crouch brings over a decade of experience in digital market research, including UX Strategy and research work on top of his over 20 years in technology marketing. He’s worked with global brands, been a judge for the Canadian Marketing Awards & Canadian Online Publishing Awards, and is co-founder of the Ice Awards for creative in advertising. He’s regularly interviewed by news media on the impact of social media and technology on society including CTV News National and CBC News The National, among others. He is a digital (cultural) anthropologist by training.


  • Keegan Francis – Atlantic Blockchain Company
  • Jerisa Haque – My East Coast Experience
  • Joel Kelly – The Family Knife
  • Maria McGowan – Sociable Media

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