Tash Jefferies

Social Media Metrics That Matter ~ Tash Jefferies

How to Use Data to Make Content that Converts – In this session, we will distinguish between vanity metrics and key performance indicator metrics that help you gain insights into the performance of your social media and website posts. You will learn how to build a simple and invaluable dashboard that will help you understand if your content is converting to sales and revenue. Participants will receive a link to an e-copy of the presentation and a KPI dashboard they can use and build out.


Tash Jefferies is a startup founder (Diversa.work), international speaker, best-selling author, digital strategist and resident mentor with 500 Global. Her additional titles include TEDx speaker, Top 50 Health Blogger according to Huffington Post, and one of 33 Bad—Black Womxn in Silicon Valley. With a combined 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and consulting, she helps startups globally to understand their customers, sales and reach product-market fit.

Born, raised and having a home base in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she still lives and travels across the globe, with some of her recent homes being Seoul, Riyadh and San Francisco.

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