How to Decide: DIY or Hire a Professional ~ Panel Discussion

It’s a conundrum that every small business owner deals with on a regular basis – to do the work yourself or hire help. We don’t get a rulebook for this when we register our businesses and there are no one-size-fits-all answers. But there are some best practices and ways to improve your decision-making. Sit in on this discussion to hear how others have approached this decision and their results.

Panel Moderator:

Marc Zirka is a Business Management Strategy and Commercial Technology, Telecommunication and Blockchain Executive. He’s a Lead Consultant who works closely with large, small and medium enterprises. Marc also fills the roles of Small Business Advisor, Family Business Advisor, Non-Executive Board member and Board Committee Chair with Not for Profit organizations.


  • Priyanka Kakkar – Digi Accel, CEED
  • Ann Perry – Ann Perry Numerologist (small business owner)
  • Michelle McCann – Bold and Italic

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