Alix Robinson

How to Lead with Value: The Art of the Social Soft Sell ~ Alix Robinson

Join this session to learn about creating social media content (and overall branding) that adds value, aligns authentically and yields results. Walk away from this session knowing…

  • What does adding value mean?
  • How to create a content plan that adds value
  • How to write captions that grab and convert
  • How to research and use hashtags effectively
  • How to measure success (the soft sell approach)


Alix Robinson is a brand vitalist, value-centric content creator and collaborator and apparent alliteration enthusiast 😉 With nearly 20 years of experience, she is often commended for her ability to create impactful and action-provoking social media and branding campaigns by offering value-led deliverables designed to speak to the mind-set of the target audience. Throughout her career, Alix has led several multi-brand marketing departments, leading strategies and initiatives with concentrations in service, retail, media and most recently, small business marketing.

As the owner of Every Day I’m Branding Inc., Alix uses her behavioural aptitude and creative flare to build comprehensive branding packages, customized marketing strategies, & thoughtful social campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses looking for authentically aligned, results-driven deliverables.

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