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Hindsight is 2020: How heart and strategy fuelled a new wave of home grown content ~ Sylvia Beirnes

Canadian Content Studios has worked on countless projects during the pandemic that have taken a wide range of topics and turned them into meaningful and successful social media and digital campaigns. Tackling everything from tough topics like COVID-19 Awareness (The Sooner We Do) to the tragic Nova Scotia Mass Shooting (Nova Scotia Remembers Virtual Vigil), to lighter moments such as revitalizing homegrown brands like Charm Diamond Centres with campaigns including Alicia McCarvell getting engaged and Dylan Playfair picking out engagement rings. This talk will cover how campaigns like “The Sooner We Do” and “The 4 C’s” were created, how they saw unprecedented positive feedback and ROI in contentious times, and how staying authentic has delivered top-performing content no matter the subject.


Sylvia Beirnes (along with Jonathan Torrens) is the Co-Founder of Canadian Content Studios. CCS is committed to delivering funny, fresh feel-good content through broadcast TV, digital content and podcasts. Before starting CCS, Sylvia worked for brands including Mercedes-Benz, Empire Theatres, UP Express and Cineplex, helping to lead digital marketing efforts, brand integration and strategy. Sylvia’s deep knowledge of Brand Marketing is rivalled only by her passion for pop culture.​

Sylvia and Jonathan now work with networks and brand partners alike to create memorable and meaningful content that connects with audiences leveraging the platforms they love the most. CCS has been the perfect outlet to allow her marketing skills to shine, while also adding the title of Host, Producer, Writer and Director to her resume.


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