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DIY Photo Tips to Level Up your Brand Visibility ~ Allison Smith

Get away from stock photos! Showcase your own products and services on social media by creating photo galleries through DIY flat-lay photography with a live demo. Plus, how to take that photo and create a caption, story and call-to-action to reach your target audience.


Allison Smith is a photographer, social media coach, and founder of Dandelion Digital. She enjoys short hikes with a long lens, baseball, classic Springsteen, dark roast coffee and pineapple on pizza. An air force daughter and army wife she spent most of her life moving until her husband’s retirement posting back home brought her to Nova Scotia in 2019. A career that revolved around community events, Allison launched Dandelion Digital with the intention of event photography & social media management. Weeks later every event in the world shut down, developing an “accidental pivot” in helping entrepreneurs understand how to use social media for their business. As they were able to reopen, and photos to level up their social media presence were needed, brand photography became the new niche of Dandelion Digital.

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