My Experience at Social Media Day Halifax

In this video, I talk about my experience at Social Media Day Halifax. This event took place on Friday, June 21st, and was its second annual event, and my second time attending and speaking.

The event is created for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and social media people. And the fun part is, it’s at the movie theatre! So you get to sit in comfy seats the whole time and eat popcorn. Seriously.


The first thing I want to talk about are the sessions. Since I am a social media strategist a lot of people ask me things like “well did you even learn anything” because they might assume I know everything already. And well, I do know A LOT about social media marketing, but sitting in on other expert’s session is still valuable to me for 3 reasons:

1. Almost everything I know, I’ve learned through experience and by doing it. It’s interesting and valuable to me to hear what other people are doing with success on social media. It gives me new ideas I can try that they have proven to work.

2. Honestly, we all get busy and or forgetful. There are a few times throughout the day where I caught myself saying – great reminder, I need to do that more! A great example of that is including captions or text on videos, because, well, hardly anyone listens anymore. Thank you, Kayla.

3. As we know, social media is always changing and what works now might not work tomorrow. Sometimes by attending someone’s presentation, I learn a little trick or tip that I really did not know before! An example of this would be that you can set up email reminders in LinkedIn for a specific search term. Thank you, Stacy!


It’s always great to get in a room full of entrepreneurs because you get to see them face to face. I love that. But what’s even more special about this time was ALL of my social media marketing peers and social media adjacent people (like bloggers, influencers, etc) were there and we got to hang out all day! And as awesome as we all think social media is, it’s such a different experience than interacting online.

It’s also a great place to meet new people. It’s a chill vent, everyone is friendly and open to meeting you. And guess what, some people recognize you and it makes you feel like a celebrity!


This was my second-year speaking. I talk on the topic of, surprise surprise, Live Video! Last year I spoke about Facebook Ads, which is something I know well but not something I’ve presented on a lot, so I was a lot more nervous. But this year, given that I knew my topic so intimately and could share lots of experiences and examples, made it even more fun. I love sharing my knowledge with an audience and getting them excited about live video and content creation.

It was cool to see my slides and my face on the big screen! I never really thought I’d have the attention of an entire theatre, but here we are.

It was a really warm, fun audience. I had them laughing almost the entire time. Good or bad, not sure, I like making people laugh. If you love sharing your social media expertise, I recommend applying to speak at this event next year.

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