MNP and BBB Atlantic: Supporting Small Business

This year Room Co-sponsors are both in the business of protecting their clients. BBB Atlantic provides resources and services to protect Atlantic Canadian businesses and consumers from a wide variety of scams, while MNP helps them protect their financial assets. Now they’re coming together to support the small business community in Halifax learn more about social media by sponsoring Social Media Day Halifax!

BBB Atlantic has a wide variety of resources on its website for small businesses in every industry. From tip sheets to podcasts, they’re covering every aspect of intellectual safety a business might need to consider. Attendees of Social Media Day Halifax might be particularly interested in this two-part podcast episode about how your online activities follow you through advertising and what you can do about that. Part 1. Part 2.

MNP is a relatively new name to Atlantic Canada, but they are 61 years strong! With that kind of history and experience comes much wisdom for businesses of all sizes. They’re even venturing into the world of blockchain! If you don’t get enough blockchain info at SMDH, check out their on-demand webinar here.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the services our sponsors offer, now is a great time to check out their sites and be ready to thank them on the 21st, both for the info they provide online and for the info you’ll be learning at SMDH19.

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