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How To Live-Tweet From Social Media Day Halifax

If you’re going to live-tweet from the Social Media Day Halifax 2019 Conference (and of course you are!), you’ll want to add #SMDH19 to the end of each tweet or place it within the tweet. This allows us, the Conference organizers, to track conversations and see if there are any concerns to tend to. It allows you and other attendees to connect with each other online, and possibly in person, during the event.

So a tweet might look something like this:

Rodney Habib (@RodneyHabib) is explaining how to inspire with meaningful stories … at Social Media Day #Halifax #SMDH19

Aside from the sessions you attend, you can also retweet things you missed. You’re not going to catch and type out every clever quote, especially if you’re on a smartphone. Open up Hootsuite and create a stream just to capture all the tweets using the event hashtag. Then all you have to do is scan that stream for content from the event.

You’re Off The Hook

At Social Media Day Halifax 2019, we want you to be online, being social. Don’t turn off your phone, just mute the ringtone. And we won’t frown if you’re looking down. In fact, we’ll retweet you as much as possible!

What’s in it for You?

  • Connect with other attendees really easily… before, during and after the Conference.
  • Share in the excitement when #SMDH19 trends on Twitter(!)
  • Immediate connection to us, the organizers. We love great feedback. And also let us know what we need to fix immediately or do better next year.
  • Practice your live-tweeting skills at a Conference full of others doing the same thing.
  • Talk about what you’re learning and how it will benefit your customers.

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