Christy Chan & Konstantyn Volotka

Chatbot Discovery and Monetization: How Businesses Are Growing Audiences With Their Chatbots ~ Christy Chan & Konstantyn Volotka

The evolution of artificial intelligence is now in full swing and Chatbots are only a faint splash on a huge wave of progress. Today the number of users of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype and their analogs is skyrocketing. Facebook Messenger alone has more than 1.2 billion monthly users. With the spread of messengers, virtual Chatbots that imitate human conversations for solving various tasks are becoming increasingly in demand. In this session, we will cover Chatbot discovery and monetization strategies and how Chatbot can be used in different industries. We will show you how businesses are growing retention rates and ROI rate with their Chatbots.

Technology is transforming how we operate daily basis task, why not embracing AI and marketing automation technologies, empowering humans to work more efficiently and effectively and making our jobs simpler than ever before.

~ Christy Chan & Konstantyn Volotka


Christy Chan is the founder of ChatSpot, a company that specializes in marketing automation by providing chatbot solutions and strategies for businesses to automate sales, marketing, invoicing, proposals, customer relationship management, and customer support. Christy is a chatbot specialist building conversational user experience architecture to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction. She is actively participating in various international technology and Chatbot conferences and is the author of the “Chatbots In Action” blog series. She focuses on helping her clients know how to market themselves effectively on various messaging channels and what will bring them one step closer to their overall goal. Her mission is to empower clients with the right tools and skills to build a consistent and loyal client base to achieve user engagement and satisfaction.

Konstantyn Volotka is a co-founder at ChatSpot, aspiring entrepreneur and tech lover. He provides solutions to small and medium-scale brands by building an online presence, determining the best marketing strategy, carrying out social campaigns to engage in for optimum digital presence, and enhancing current marketing and management processes. He is a public speaker, an entrepreneur dedicated to providing business owners, students, job seekers, and entrepreneurs with the right digital tools for their careers and businesses. He also works with influencers and freelancers to develop their personal branding awareness and improve the networking abilities by giving back value-added digital solutions. These let them be more strategic while they focus on their most essential activities.

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