Kris Osmond

Facebook & Instagram Advertising: The Ads Manager Advantage ~ Kris Osmond

Campaigns, ad-sets, audiences, and budgets. If you feel creating an ad campaign on Facebook’s ads manager is a little overwhelming, you’re definitely not alone.

The key to a successful advertising campaign is a well thought out strategy and knowing how to layer that strategy across Facebook’s multilevelled ads manager. In this session, Kris will show you how to develop a Facebook advertising strategy that will increase brand awareness, funnel new leads, and re-engage existing customers, ultimately resulting in a positive ROI for you and your business. You’ll also learn how to navigate Facebook’s often confusing and intimidating ads manager, including which features are most important when first starting out and which ones to explore and test later.

Strategy doesn’t need to mean complex and confusing. Start simple and build on it over time as you learn.

~ Kris Osmond


Kris Osmond is the Social Community Specialist for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada’s (LLSC) national marketing team and he has been working with Facebook and other social media advertising platforms for the last 11 years. Kris started by pioneering a Facebook ad strategy for the Dalhousie Student Union, setting record attendance at student events. He now manages and executes the national digital strategy (including social media, web and email) for the LLSC. Designing campaigns big and small, Kris helps his teams work through the weeds of data, analysis, and digital strategy to focus on bottom-line results. Kris has used his knowledge, experience and attitude of being a lifelong learner to help his team continuously find new patients, donors and volunteers in an online world that grows busier and busier.

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