Shaun Whynacht

Leveraging the Power of Story to Engage Your Clients in Your Business ~ Shaun Whynacht

You remember the last time you saw a great movie? The character, the plot, the climax and then, the victory. When looking at how you’ve been talking about your business in your marketing, you will quickly see it’s not been your best approach.

Humans have related for thousands of years with stories and, when you break down the fundamentals of storytelling and apply them to marketing, you will see how you can bring impact into your message that customers will completely understand.

During this session, we will uncover the key plot points in your business message. Then guide you to understanding and achieving how this change in messaging can bring you more business, overcome objections and engage with long-term business relationships. From social media to email and website copy, the journey toward StoryBrand messaging begins now.

Your business is not about you, it’s not about your awards, your years of experience, or your cool photos of your office. It’s about your customer. The real hero in the story.

~ Shaun Whynacht


Shaun Whynacht, the Senior Marketing Director for Built By Love Agency, was born into entrepreneurship! From his grandfather’s TV repair business to his grandmother’s cake shop and his mother’s craft business, to starting his first business in high school back in 1997. Now Shaun helps other small businesses build their marketing funnels that create loyal returning customers while giving them back the freedom they wanted in their small business. Having worked in digital marketing for over 18 years in both Canada and the United States, he is focused on customer experience marketing and introducing the right tools to build conversions for his clients.

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