Duncan Gillis

Using Pinterest to Build Your Tribe and Drive Website Traffic ~ Duncan Gillis

How does Pinterest compare to other social and search networks? Attend Duncan’s session to get a 5-step framework to harness the marketing power of Pinterest. Small business owners will learn the value of integrating storytelling and vlogging, and how to leverage Pinterest as a cost-effective way to drive a large volume of targeted traffic to their business. You’ll receive downloadable planning documents and access to his Pinterest Marketing Framework and the Hub and Spoke Branding Framework.

It is not an option between bricks & mortar and online sales. In the future, retailers will only have one online sales & service channel, with or without a bricks & mortar component. And it is happening sooner then people think.

~ Duncan Gillis


Duncan Gillis is the founder of Maritime Vintage and Maritime Adaptive Media. He grew up on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Duncan is a Portfolio Manager & PMO Manager turned start-up founder and small business brand ideation coach. He is a Pinterest Marketing Evangelist, a Firework Brand Ambassador, and he is currently bootstrapping a retail launch that focuses on online bohemian decor services. Duncan’s obsession is coaching people who own small businesses and start-ups on how to integrate their business and personal brands. He shows small business owners, how to transition to the new paradigm of content and story marketing. His aim: A tribe of one million small business owners and DIY project enthusiast that continually challenge the status quo.

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