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User-Generated Content: How to Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates ~ Shannon Gallagher

The social media aesthetic of staged and curated content is quickly coming to an end with Generation Z—who are embracing an unfiltered outlook. As mass content begins to shift in this direction, brands need to adjust their content strategy to be more prepared to display their authentic self. Learn about the best techniques in using user-generated content (UGC) to make your customers, and potential customers feel seen and heard while sticking to your brand’s message.

Sharing your authentic brand includes having user-generated content and other online reviews as social proof.

~ Shannon Gallagher


Amidst 5 years of experience in social media, Shannon Gallagher develops and incorporates user-generated content strategies for clients across the globe at VERB Interactive—a digital marketing agency that drives conversions for the travel industry. With a passion for online story-telling, Shannon has worked internationally between North America and Asia, focusing on social media strategy, content creation, and community management. Shannon’s commitment to enhancing brand authenticity led her to specialize in building customer advocacy through user-generated content techniques.

3 thoughts on “User-Generated Content: How to Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates ~ Shannon Gallagher”

  1. Wow Shannon so proud of you we allnew u would do well such a sincere girl and honest girl…. Love you from ur Nan and grandad in ireland

  2. Well my darling girl… Well done to you. You have a steely resolve, git and determination in every thing you do. People will always get what they deserve. You are proving this point beautifully. Successful times ahead for you.


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