Keegan Francis

The New Paradigm of Blockchain Based Ownership ~ Keegan Francis

We all use free services to distribute our content. But nothing is truly free. That’s because YOU are the product that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are selling. They’re selling you – and your attention – to advertisers. Join Keegan as he takes you on a journey through some of the innovations coming out of the blockchain industry – that will allow you to directly monetize your content, your attention, and your data.

Learn about how blockchain makes content monetization possible. This is your introductory course into the future of ownership!

~ Keegan Francis


Keegan Francis is Co-founder of the Atlantic Blockchain Company. His expertise is within cryptocurrencies and, more broadly, blockchain in general. Keegan became interested in this new technology in 2014 when he did a small case study on Bitcoin for a university class. His first job as a blockchain developer was working in an underground nuclear bunker turned blockchain development hub. In 2018 Keegan emerged a blockchain entrepreneur, ready to seize the opportunity and grow the blockchain and crypto community here in Nova Scotia.

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