Michelle McCann

Small Business BFFs: How to Practice Good Customer Service Online ~ Michelle McCann

Many small businesses don’t realize social media is an extension of their customer service. This session will discuss the importance of old fashioned customer service applied to social media … answering questions, the places where customers might try to reach you, dealing with “trolls” and unhappy customers, and so on. Attendees will leave with a well-rounded sense of what they should do or improve on. (This session will not discuss automation or bots.)

You pride yourself on your customer service but are you extending it to your social media? Not paying attention to people reaching out to you online is like closing your business’ door on your customers!

~ Michelle McCann


As the owner of Bold and Italic Social Communications in Truro, Nova Scotia, Michelle McCann has spent the past 6 years helping her clients navigate their way through the ever-changing maze of online marketing. From local retail to regional events, Michelle is a hands-on content and community manager who uses social media to promote businesses, build relationships and, ultimately, grow awareness and sales for her clients.

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