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Google Analytics: The Social Media Tool Everyone Avoids ~ Alison Knott

You’re finally getting the hang of this whole “social media thing”. You’re posting regularly, maybe even growing a following. So all this work is translating into ROI, right? Right? Bueller? Since you can’t pay the bills with “Likes”, how do you measure (and reap the reward of) social media success? With Google Analytics! In this session, you’ll see how Google Analytics is an accessible tool anyone can use to do social media better. By the end, Alison will have you comfortably digging around your numbers to unearth ROI gold for your business. So let’s grab a shovel and get to it!

Google Analytics isn’t a scary pit of charts and numbers!

~ Alison Knott


Alison Knott of Eraserheader Design is an international creative tech speaker who’s passionate about the intersection of web, creativity and business. A proud woman in tech, Alison produced Atlantic Canada’s first WordPress conference and Meetup, mentors emerging female designers, and entertains business owners with nerdy facts. Her main mandate: to raise web literacy for small business and entrepreneurs. Her presentations are an unusual blend of high-octane enthusiasm and actionable lessons. Boring tech jargon has no place in her talks!

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