Mike Tanner

Beyond The Mic: The Real Work of Podcasting ~ Mike Tanner

Most of the work of a podcast doesn’t happen on air. It’s production. It’s planning. It’s promotion. This presentation will focus on the less glamorous planning and promotion that turns a podcast from work to winning. Participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of podcast planning and promotion through activities and tools, including downloadable planning documents and a step-by-step planning process.

Anyone can talk into a mic. But it’s the before and after that makes a podcast a success.

~ Mike Tanner


Mike Tanner is a full-time stay at home father of two who has spent the last seven years growing OneRedCat Media, a digital agency in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In his “spare time” he reads everything he can get his hands on, writes books, listens to summaries of anything he doesn’t have time for, listens to (and records) any podcast that he thinks he can learn something from, bends himself into strange positions on a yoga mat, and plays board games at least once a week. He spends his “work hours” building websites, managing social media, writing content about all this and more for clients and partners and helping organize and execute a number of local conferences.

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