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New Year, New Branding for Social Media Day Halifax 2019

We’re excited to launch into 2019 by launching our new look!

When we started the Social Media Day Halifax Conference in 2018, we didn’t know if it was going to take off… but it did and we were thrilled to welcome 280 people to the inaugural event on June 22nd.

We quickly realized that cobbling together a logo by ourselves may not have been the best option. While the colours and symbols represented each of the three founders, it wasn’t really representative of the event itself and our goals for the conference. So, this fall we engaged with everyone’s favourite branding designer and one of our presenters from the 2018 conference, Alison Knott of Eraserheader Design.

Here’s how Alison describes the new brand she designed:

Social media isn’t about shouting into the digital void: it is a two-way conversation with an audience. The new brand reflects this with arrows overlapping. Be it live videos, sharing content or bringing visibility to your cause, social media is all about communication, which this logo showcases succinctly.

But we’re not done yet! Did you notice that these arrows form a hashtag on its side? Just like the conference content, the new logo has a little ‘a-ha!’ moment all its own. Social Media Day Halifax is all about new perspectives.

Our tagline for 2019 is Inspiring Action. Whether “inspiring” is a verb or an adjective, this describes the vision for our shared experience on June 21st and your ongoing social media success.

The new colours are bright and contemporary. Red is all about visibility, that’s why they use it on stop signs. Blue symbolizes trust, confidence and wisdom, things we hope this conference will help you build as you expand your presence in social media.

We’re thrilled to move forward with a new brand as we grow the Social Media Day Halifax Conference.

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